Presentation & Consultation Services

There is an overwhelming amount of information about online safety available. While extremely important, it can be frustrating and time consuming for parents to determine what is the best route to take to keep their kids safe and kind online. With proper guidance, parents and care givers can get a clear vision and take the necessary steps to ensure their family thrives in the digital world.


Corporate Presentations

Personal and professional development opportunities lead to greater career satisfaction and employee retention. A company that invests in its employees reaps the benefits of a motivated, positive and respectful team. 

Corporate seminars are an effective and efficient way to provide your employees with knowledge and support to keep their families safe and kind online. 



Group Presentations

Feeling like you are "not alone" gives that reassurance that you can persevere through any obstacle in your path. Learning and relating to other people's stories evokes feelings of empathy and kindness. 

Parent groups, clubs or Super moms benefit from a proactive mindset towards online safety. It doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary. When broken down into manageable, bite size pieces, you will feel an emotional shift from concerned to confident.


One-on-one Consultations

Online abuse has far reaching effects. Parents, care givers and children impacted by the vulnerabilities and dangers online often feel isolated, overwhelmed and frustrated.

Actionable advice, establishing a plan and continuous follow-up from one-on-one consultations lead to tangible results which establish a renewed sense of optimism. Ensuring your family has a healthy relationship with digital media paves the way to success in our digital world. 

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.
— Stephen Covey

Contact Alisa to book a complimentary strategy session to determine how The Lotus Page can help your family achieve a healthy, proactive and empowering relationship with digital technology and online safety. or 780-902-4340