Presentation & Consultation Services

There is an overwhelming amount of information about online safety available. While extremely important, it can be frustrating and time consuming to determine what is the best route to take to stay safe online and how to have a healthy relationship with technology. We offer corporate and group presentations tailored to your audience and needs.

Corporate seminars are an effective and efficient way to provide your employees with knowledge on how to maintain a healthy relationship with technology so your business can maximize productivity

All topics are 60 minutes in length:

  • Cyberbullying & Social Media
  • Online luring & Explicit Content
  • Mindfulness in the Digital World

Ensuring you, your family or your employees have a healthy relationship with digital media paves the way to success in our digital world. 

Contact Alisa to book a presentation or complimentary strategy session.

Your manner and presentation style was very inviting, positive and relaxed – you are a great presenter
— Linda, Non-profit association

Contact Alisa to determine how The Lotus Page can help you achieve a healthy relationship with digital technology and online safety. or 780-902-4340