5 Easy Resolutions for the Tech Savvy Role Model You Are!

1. Make a commitment not to text and drive.

Resist the urge to respond to that text while you are sitting at a red light or anytime you are on the road. The little eyes in the back seat are watching. Just don’t do it.

2. Ask your kids before you post their photo on social media.

Once you start getting in the habit, it becomes easier and more natural. They will in turn show the same respect to you and to their friends.

3. Change your password for all your social media accounts.

It literally takes 2 minutes and can save you a lot of potential heart ache if you are hacked. While you are at it, change your PIN on your bank card too. Again, it takes 10 seconds.

4. Show interest in one of the apps or games your child is using/playing.

Not only will this be an opportunity to find out what they are doing online, your kid will feel proud to show and perhaps teach you something new.

5. Embrace new technology.

Maybe its that new thermostat that connects to your phone or maybe its ordering groceries online. Try something new in the digital world. It might just make your life easier… and your kids will likely be pretty impressed too!